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DreamCatcher - Android App

Monitor your audio levels while you sleep; automatically records your sleep talking, snoring or any other strange noises!


Mobile Web app - view where your friends are in realtime using Google Maps API, Facebook, HTML5 Geolocation and GPS.

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Dodgeball with Friends!

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teleDraw is a collaborative drawing tool which lets users draw together in realtime with their iPhone.
View my presention: teleDraw iPhone Application (PowerPoint) or watch my short demo below:

Golf Coach Direct

Golf Coach Direct is a community for golfers where users can upload videos of their swings and schedule instant live lessons with a Golf coach. The coach analyzes student's swing using real-time technology with voice and web camera. He can draw lines and shapes to point out proper technique in the subtleties of the golf swing.
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Research: Applying Hidden Markov Models to Bioinformatic Algorithms

Iona College: Undergraduate Research Day Poster Presentation (JPEG Image)

Facial Recognition on Android

Take a picture with your phone and instantly identify your Facebook friends. Uses Android Scripting Layer, Python and's API.